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The Center

Erdenesiin Khuree arts and Mongolian Calligraphy center.

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Erdenesiin Khuree is an arts and Mongolian Calligraphy center.
Based in Kharkhorin, former capital and administrative center

of the Mongol empire, during the great Khans epoc.
Kharkhorin was then an important place at the crossroads cultures on the Silk Road.
It’s at the creation of his empire and its capital Kharkhorim that Genghis Khan introduced the Uighur script, which later became Mongolian writing.
Erdenesiin Khuree chose to settle in Kharkhorum to be closer to the cultural and historical roots of Mongolia.
The centre us compose only with yurts, to stay in tune with the cultural aspects of the country and offer a place of cultural discovery and relaxation as close as possible to nature.

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The center is dedicated to the art of Mongolian calligraphy through time and to the preservation of
this cultural heritage, Tamir Samandbadraa, well-known calligrapher is at the origin of this initiative and you will be able to admire his works, but Erdenesiin Khuree will also receive other
calligraphers and Mongolian artists,

but also from abroad to soak up the atmosphere of the center
and the traditional Mongolian culture.
In a second time, Erdenesiinn Khuree will also open to other forms of traditional Mongolian art,
such as painting, or working with ceramics or felt.


Erdenesiin Khuree will open next season, an artist’s residency,

the «residence of the steppes»

to welcome international artists and offer them a privileged place conducive to creation.
Erdenesiin Khuree offers a wide cultural mix and a wide range of exhibitions.

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