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Mongolian Calligrapher

Born in Oulan-Bator in 1976

Award for the best Mongolian calligrapher in 2006, Tamir started practicing Mongolian calligraphy at an early age thanks to the teaching of his grandmother.
When the Berlin Wall fell, he was a student at the Soviet High School in Ulan Bator.

The political transition in Mongolia took place very quickly and in 1991,

the old Mongolian script became the official script.

Later, with his provincial cousins ​​"shavis" from the school of Buddhism in the capital,

he discovered Tibetan writing.
After studying at an aviation school in Russia in 1996 and after three years at the School of Cinematography in Ulan Bator, Tamir discovered the art of Mongolian calligraphy and continued to

learn it with  one of the great master.

He then studied painting while pursuing his research in modern calligraphy, bringing his personal signature

to the rhythm of his inspirations.

He also innovates by experimenting with colours and creates his own seals.
Currently, Tamir teaches calligraphy at the "Mongeni" school of
  the Academy of Fine Arts of Mongolia

where he works with Bayart-Od.
Among the many exhibitions in which he participated in France and Mongolia, Tamir will long remember the one where he hung his works at the same time as those of his master.
The gallery "Ulzii-Art and Handicrafts of Mongolia" in French Brittany, exhibits his artwork since 2004.
Tamir Samandbadraa Purev is one of the first Mongolian calligraphers to work in porcelain. “MONGOL” is a

white-blue porcelain vase made in Jingdezhen in 2018.

It includes inscriptions in three different scripts: Soyombo script at the top, traditional Mongolian Uyghur script in the middle, and Turkish Orkhon script at the bottom. MONGOL was is part of

the new silk road project in China.

Guest Artists

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Mongolian Artist-Calligrapher

Born in Oulan-Bator in 1983



2005 Mongolian Art Department, Institute of Fine Arts

In 2000, Ireedui complex

1998, the 78th 10-year secondary school of the capital city


Work experience:


2021 - "Tuko Tailor" - a contract artist in the fashion industry

2013 -2021 “Narumi beauty studio” design teacher

2014 -2015 Black Art, Color Harmony, Design, Body Art Teacher at City University

2009 - 2021 Senior Lecturer at Art Cole Gallery Art Education Center

2011- 2012 “Mongolian Heritage Foundation Arts Officer, New York City, USA.



2021 “Best work of the year”- Mongolian Art Gallery

2021 “Beautiful art magazine” - international exhibition, New York

2021 “Eternal Heaven's Letter” calligraphy exhibition

2019 “World Bank Exhibition” Washington DC

2018 "Sip My Ocean" Exhibition Joint Exhibition Artie Coor Gallery

2018 "Eternal Heaven's Letter" Art Theater, Irkutsk

2017 “Garden Flame 2” International Exhibition of Women Artists

2016 "Tsatsal" solo exhibition at Art Cole Gallery

2015 “Nord Art” International Exhibition (Germany)

2014 “Garden Flame” International Exhibition of Women Artists (Gwangju, Korea)

2014 “Her Presence In Colors XI” International Exhibition of Women Artists

2014 “Spring Ornaments” Designers Festival, Calligraphy (Collaborative Work)

2012 “Mongolian Historical Day” Exhibition (New York, USA)

2010 - 2019 “Spring” traditional exhibition / Mongolian Art Museum, exhibition hall /

2009 - 2014 Exhibition of modern calligraphers "New Snow" (Board Gallery)

2009 - 2019 “Literature and culture” traditional exhibition / Mongolian Art Museum, exhibition hall /

2009 - 2016 “Innovation” traditional exhibition / Mongolian Art Museum, exhibition hall \

2009 370th anniversary exhibition of Ulaanbaatar

2009 Exhibition of young artists (Mongolian Art Museum, exhibition hall)

2008-2009 International Exhibition (USA, New Mexico)

2007 “Mongolia” exhibition (Spain, Barcelona)

2007 - 2019 Traditional exhibition of Mongolian women artists

2006 - 2015 Traditional exhibition of “Mongolian painting” Mongolian Art Association / Exhibition hall of Mongolian Art Museum /

2004 “Mongolian Appearance” (ACM Gallery)

2004 Joint Exhibition \ Museum of Fine Arts \

2000 - 2003 Traditional student exhibition


Reward :

2021 - “My Mongolian script” - Calligraphy competition 3rd place “Nine wishes”, Ministry of Culture, National Library

2018 From the Ministry of Education, Culture and Science - "Promoter of national literature and culture"


The best work from "Bichig Soyol" exhibition in 2018 with "My beautiful" work.

2015 Korean and Mongolian Young Artists Competition, Special Awards, (by graphics)

2012 - Honorary title (Bataar) from the Ministry of Culture and Tourism for heroic deeds in repatriation

2012 - Competition for young calligraphers dedicated to the 100th anniversary of the Mongolian Customs, 1st place

2009 - The first competition for young Korean and Mongolian artists "High Award" (Mongolian painting)

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Mongolian Artist-Calligrapher

Born in  Kharkhorin in 1987


Education :

2005-2009, graduated from the “Od” School of Fine Arts and Design Technology as an artist and designer.

Graduated from Kharkhorin soum General Education School in 1995-2005.

Currently, working as a teacher of fine arts and design technology at the Secondary School of Kharkhorin soum.

2016-2018, Artiste and designer at the Kharkhorum Museum.

2013 to 2016, Artist and designer for the “Cultural Heritage in Bogtson” project at the Orkhon Valley World Heritage Site.

From 2009 to 2012, Art teacher at Kharkhorum University.

 He has been interested in painting since he was a child, and he has exhibited his drawings, participated in competitions regularly, and won 14 drawing competitions.

In 2020, participated in the art festival Zanabazar with 4 works, and in 2021 with a total of 6 works.

Since September 2021, he is working as an artist and calligrapher at the “Erdenesiin Khuree” art and calligraphy center.

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